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Veeda and Joe


Retirement to Joe and Veeda means ensuring that their furbabies who are no longer being shown
or being bred live in the utmost comfort and still feel as important as they did in their prime.

It starts when you drive into Joe and Veedas home the house and garden look very inviting, BUT something seems odd, it's their car, neat and tidy BUT!!! it's parked under a small carport away from the house and attached garage. Australia has a habit of being very hot and I was surprised to see the car outside only protected by a carport.

Well I was invited into the (used to be) garage and it is lined and cosy with airconditioning, this is the (five star) bedroom for Joe and Veedas Furbabies. Each one has their own special place, their toys and favourite cuddlies or rugs. When they come outside to play their outdoor area is roofed to protect their little white beautifulness from the hot sun, insect screen enclosed with lovely tropical plants and water features (fountains etc)pet goldfish. Here there are lovely shady cool areas for them to relax protected from the harsh environment. When it is not too hot they can go outside of their enclosed courtyard and romp and play on the grass.