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As a young boy

As a loved adult

Veeda wrote this after a very emotional and devastating time
at the birth of
Hazelwitch Tiger Kelly

Hazelwitch Tiger Kelly.
His Sire was Ch Hazelwitch Sir Lawrence (Huey)
His Dam Ch Hazelwitch Michka (Kelly)
Date of birth 22 July 1998
Tiger was Kelly's last puppy.......
When she lost her life under gas she had three puppies.
Everyone could not believe the tragedy that had happened.
My Vets tried to bring her back to life, but to no avail.
Joe was with her, as one of us are always with our Malts.
Suddenly Glenys thought of the litter she still had.
(Kelly was in perfect health when this happened)
They went in for the puppies believing it would be
too late..... with their life support gone with Kelly.....
There were three live puppies, one girl and two boys,
one little boy had a nick on his head and another nick
on his back, where Tony was in such a hurry, that was why
we called him "Tiger Kelly".
Joe and I could not believe what fate had dealt to us.
I don't think we will ever get over Kelly, but we do
thank God for the "blessing" she left us.
We did not know what sleep was for three nights
straight, one little boy we lost very soon,
the little girl put up a real fight for life, but it was
not to be.
Tiger never looked back.
I have waited till this age so
I can say his mouth is perfect, he is
show quality, but so spoilt we could not do that to him.
Tiger is so intelligent, he is truly a "gift" left
to us with Kelly's love, his gait is to die for,
and I wait and pray for the day I see his prodigy
on the ground.
We are VERY proud of this boy, that everyone calls
Veeda Flores

This is a smaller picture of the frame and writing,
but so that it is easier for everyone to read it is in it's entirety above.