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to our home on the Web.
During your visit Joe and I (Veeda) wish to share with you, a glimpse of how our Maltese Furbabies have enriched our lives and filled our house with love.
Come in, sit down, if you ask very nicely one of the Furbabies
will make room for you. You see our home is for the comfort of our Pets. If you love animals then you will understand.
As you can see our furbabies are very comfortable in the lounge it is one of their favourite rooms. Look at the darlings they're having a wonderful time. They love being able to see out to the garden where some of their mates are playing.
That lovely man in the photo over the dresser is my Dad taken during the 2nd World War. The photo next to him is Joe and I, remember that picture of us, as I have a little surprise for you later on. Now while I take you on a tour through our home Joe is going to prepare some refreshments.
JOE!!!! put the kettle on love. We have guests.